We offer fresh products that come directly from our farm, according to the season and respecting the integrity and the flavours of raw materials.
We have invested our future in the land, not as a mere business choice but driven by so much passion and the awareness that the protection of genuine products translates into a sense of respect for the environment and our healthcare.

Natural local products

Our concept of farm aims to enhance the territory, by preferring seasonal ingredients that we produce, in the name of a healthier, more balanced and environmentally friendly diet.

From the garden to the kitchen

The products go directly from the garden to the kitchen, and it is all aimed at protecting the flavours of the past.

Just a small taste will be enough to carry you on the most evocative culinary journey, by experiencing the authenticity and the pureness of our territory.
It is quite uncommon to receive such a gift: to perfectly know the origin of the products we eat, to touch in person all that you have always wanted to taste, and to let the palate delight you with the most intense and authentic flavours.

Moments of enjoyment, which cannot be described in words: a pure bliss of pleasure and joy, for a true explosion of flavours.

What are you waiting for? Nonna Maria’s cuisine awaits you!