“Farm Winery”

Here, in the Gulf of Asinara, we have founded our farm and today, by using the traditional Sardinian winemaking process, we always try to exploit and enhance the peculiar orogenetic and territorial conformation of the area adjacent to the sea.

Our company spreads over an area of about 200 hectares, which is divided into two distinct properties close to each other, that are dedicated partly to vineyards and partly to artichoke trees and other cultivations.

Tenute Costadoria came to life in the town of Valledoria, on the coast that once was dominated by the noble Doria family in the twelfth century and which the company took its name from. It includes the vineyard and the holiday farm, where guests have the opportunity to stay and enjoy the real traditional Sardinian cuisine.

“Our vineyards”

The “Zinta”

The location of the vineyard, its microclimate and, above all, the peculiar floodplains with their extraordinary organic richness – which are the result of the periodic flooding of the Coghinas river – make the “Zinta” vineyard the actual secret of the success of our wines. The high fertility of this vineyard, which entirely extends for about 7 hectares, and its symbiosis with the river, whose overflows have become frequent, are the quintessence of our DOC Cannonau di Sardegna.

The “Coghinas Valley”

In addition to the Zinta, our company is characterized by other important vineyards that are included in the coastal area of the “Coghinas Valley”, with sandy soils rich in minerals (iodine) which leaves a savory aroma in the bunch, that now has become a typical trait of our Vermentini wines.



Farming culture and educational projects 

Eating healthy food, the result of a production process that does not harm the environment, cannot and must not be a luxury but a right for everybody and a duty for us farmers.

Based on this philosophy, we produce our own products and develop our company. Proof of it is the natural local food catering offered in our farm, as well as the opportunity our guests have to personally harvest the vegetables from our fields and then make some tasty roasts in the open air.

Our next mission will be bringing young people closer to the farming culture, by launching an educational project within the Tenute Costadoria.

Eating fruit, vegetables, meat, but also drinking milk or wine from organic productions means taking a double step: the first one is health-oriented while the second, equally important, is environment-oriented.

Rediscovery of local vineyards

By following this objective, we are now creating a new vineyard inside our estate, that was obtained thanks to the improvement of an uncultivated area with the production of a local and endangered vine, the “Caricagiola”, whose presence in Sardinia is now reduced to a few units only.

With the involvement and awareness of operators and the local government, we are now dealing with the rediscovery of this red berry vine, whose features are both important and rare.

Exporting a little of Sardinia

Our farm wants to engage in the promotion of the typical Sardinian products as a means to affirm their belonging to our land and make Sardinia famous not only from an agricultural, but also from a tourist and cultural point of view.